More men at folk high schools
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More men at folk high schools

Women are in majority at Norwegian folk high schools, but the number of male pupils has increased since last school year. 19-year-olds are in majority at these schools, and all but a few pupils complete their education.

Last year nearly two-thirds of the pupils attending folk high schools were women, but the number of male had increased by 12 per cent.

Fewer applications

In 2006, 9 600 persons applied for a place in folk high school main courses, a slight decline compared with 2005. The majority of applicants came from the county of Hordaland and Akershus. 54 per cent of all applicants were 19-years old.

Majority attended folk high schools in Hordaland

There were 6 200 pupils in long courses at Norwegian folk high schools at 1 October 2006. This is a slight fall in the number of registered pupils in long courses at 1 October 2006 compared with 2005. 61 per cent of all pupils are 19 years old. Hordaland is the most popular school county, followed by Akershus and Rogaland.

Few pupils drop out from their education at folk high schools. In the school year 2005/2006, only 294 people, or 4 per cent of a total of 6 600 pupils, dropped out.