Growth in transport on rail
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Growth in transport on rail

The total production by rail comprised 3.2 billion tonnes-kilometres on Norwegian territory in 2005, an increase of almost 12 per cent or 0.3 billion tonnes-kilometres from 2004. 25.2 million tonnes were transported in 2005.

Transport on the Norwegian territory in connection with import from Sweden respectively, were 16.4 million tonnes in 2005. This was an increase of five per cent from 2004. The imported tonnes carried constituted 65 per cent of the total tonnes transported, compared to merely 23 per cent when measured in tonnes-kilometres for the same type of transport. The iron ore constituted the main part of the imported goods on rail, with 15.5 million tones in 2005. These journeys are rather short and explains the considerable differences in shares of tonnes and tonnes-kilometres.

Growth in the national transport also

Also for goods both loaded and unloaded in Norway, the statistics display growth in transport on rail. 7.5 million tonnes were transported in 2005 corresponding to a transport performance of 2.2 billion tonnes-kilometres. This was an increase from 2004 of 16 and 11 per cent, respectively. Goods loaded and unloaded in Norway comprised 70 per cent of the total transport by rail, measured in tonnes-kilometres.