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Carriage of goods by lorryQ4 2020



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Road goods transport by lorries
3rd quarter 2020Share3rd quarter 2020 - 3rd quarter 20153rd quarter 2020 - 3rd quarter 2019
1The figures for 1st quarter 2018-1st quarter 2019 were corrected 30 October 2019.
2Figures from and including the 1st quarter of 2018 were corrected 6 August 2019
3Loading and unloading take place in the same country but the lorry used is not registered in that country.
Road goods transport by norwegian lorries (mill. km)1519.5100.0-2.10.3
National transport489.894.3-0.40.1
International transport29.75.7-23.83.8
Road goods transport by norwegian lorries (mill. tonnes)162.7100.0-0.91.1
National transport (mill. tonnes)61.698.2-0.81.3
International transport (1000 tonnes)1 077.31.7-9.2-1.5
Road goods transport by norwegian lorries (mill. tonne-km))15 372.0100.01.8-0.3
National transport4 833.090.03.9-1.1
International transport539.010.0-13.67.6
4th quarter 2020Share4th quarter 2020 - 4th quarter 20154th quarter 2020 - 4th quarter 2019
Carriage of goods by lorry across national border (mill.tonnes)23.6100.09.74.4
Norwegian lorries1.130.4-0.61.9
Danish, swedish, finnish lorries1.130.7-10.23.3
Lorries from other the baltic countries0.615.592.611.6
Polish lorries0.412.166.111.2
2019Share2014 - 20192018 - 2019
Road goods transport by foreign lorries to/from and in Norway (mill. tonnes)11.7100.027.2-2.8
Transport to/from Norway5.143.65-3
Cross trade transport between Norway and abroad5.144.061.3-7.0
Cabotage transport in Norway31.512.524.914.7