Border transport dropped in 4th quarter
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Carriage of goods by lorryQ4 2008



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Border transport dropped in 4th quarter

During the fourth quarter of 2008, lorries transported 2.8 million tonnes of goods across the national border; 11.5 per cent less than in the fourth quarter of 2007. In 2008, about the same amount of goods were transported across the border as in the year before.

Carriage of goods by lorry across national border by quarter. 2008. 1000 tonnes

In total, 260 million tonnes of goods were transported across the national border of Norway during 2008. This figure includes all modes of transport and the export of oil and gas by ship and pipeline from the continental shelf. Lorries transported 14.5 million tonnes of goods into and out of Norway; 2.2 per cent less than in 2007. Of this, 12.1 million tonnes were carried by lorries passing the border on road. The remainder was transported by lorry and/or trailer on a ferry.

Decline in both imports and exports

Lorries carried 2.8 million tonnes of goods over the border between Norway and one of its neighbouring countries by road during the fourth quarter of 2008. Of this, 1.7 million tonnes were imported while 1.1 million tonnes were exported. Not since the third quarter of 2006 have the imports been so low, and the exports have not been at this level since the second quarter of 2007. Taking the year as a whole, it is only the imports that have slipped back. During 2008, 7.4 million tonnes were imported and 4.7 million tonnes were exported, while the corresponding figures for 2007 were 7.6 million tonnes imported and 4.5 million tonnes exported.

Carriage of goods by lorry across national border. Share of transported quantity by nationality of lorry. 2000-2008

Foreign lorries advance

Of the total amount of goods being transported across the border during 2008, 45.8 per cent were carried by Norwegian lorries. This share is slightly smaller than in 2007, when Norwegian cars were responsible for 46.4 per cent of the border transport. Swedish lorries also saw a drop in their share, from 30.4 per cent in 2007 to 28.4 per cent in 2008. Danish and Finnish lorries’ shares of the Norwegian border transport have remained constant, while the German, Polish and Baltic lorries’ shares are growing. This also applies to the share of the group of cars from other countries. The statistics do not give information on the nationality of the lorries carried by ferry.