Published Title Open
5 January 2021 Guest nights halved Article
27 November 2020 Residents’ guest nights at hotels by decreased sharply Article
30 October 2020 Norwegians went to camping sites and holiday dwellings in September Article
1 October 2020 Hotels in Oslo hit hardest by the pandemic in August Article
1 September 2020 Guest nights close to a normal level in July Article
31 July 2020 Norwegian guest nights closer to a normal level Article
1 July 2020 Norwegians went camping in May Article
29 May 2020 Hard April for tourism Article
30 April 2020 Covid outbreak hit the accommodation establishments hard Article
1 April 2020 No corona effect on guest nights in February Article
3 March 2020 More guest nights in January Article
3 February 2020 More Norwegian than foreign guest nights Article
7 January 2020 Norwegians stay more at hotels Article
3 December 2019 Continued increase in hotel guest nights in Oslo Article
1 November 2019 More guest nights Article
4 October 2019 More Norwegians at Oslo hotels Article
3 September 2019 Record-high guest nights Article
2 August 2019 West of Norway on a rise Article
2 July 2019 May record in guest nights Article
4 June 2019 April record in guest nights Article