Welfare benefits – labour and reception of benefits

11066: Recipients of social assistance, by immigration and country background, sex, year in the period and benefit status in the period (per cent) 2006-2010 - 2009-2013
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Recipients of social assistance:
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Recipients of social assistance:
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Recipients of social assistance is here defined as all who received social assistance in at least one month during the first year of the period, aged 18-62 at the start of the period, and where residents (of Norway) each year in the period. Number of years with social assistance is the number of calender years with at least one month with social assistance. See About the statistics for more.
The outcomes «Working», «Work assessment allowance and/or rehabilitation benefits», «Unemployed» and «Qualification benefit» are not mutually exclusive. As a consequence one person may be counted in more than one outcome during one calendar year, either at the same time or in consecutive periods. The percentages will therefore not add to 100%.
immigration category/country background
Other population
Other population includes all persons who are not imigrants and not born of two imigrants.
participant's assistance status
Work assessment allowance and/or rehabilitation benefits
Rehabilitation benefits is here used as a common term to describe benefits/allowances that ended March 2011 and were replaced by work assessment allowance. See About the statistics for more.

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