Social security and benefits


Attachment to employment, education and welfare benefits
The statistics shows the population's attachment to employment, education and public welfare benefits
Recipients of disability benefit
Statistics on the number and share of disability benefit recipients in the population aged 18-67 years.
Recipients of retirement pension
The statistics provide an overview of retirement pension recipients pursuant to the regulations of the National Insurance Scheme.
Social assistance
The statistics comprise recipients of social assistance
Welfare benefits – labour and reception of benefits
Gives an overview of recipients of welfare benefits.
Work assessment allowance
Provides an overview of recipients of the work assessment allowance
Cash transfers to families with children
The statistics has been discontinued
Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service - StatRes
The statistics has been discontinued

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. Investigation of schemes for combining wage income with disability benefits

    Under current regulations, fully disabled individuals can earn up to 0.4 times the basic amount in the National Insurance Scheme (G) without their benefits being reduced. Beyond this exempt income limit, benefits are typically reduced by approximately 66 kroner for every 100 kroner earned.

  2. Houshold payments for kindergarten, January 2024

    Statistics Norway produces an annual report on household payments for a full-time place in public and private kindergartens in January each year. The report is based on a census of all kindergartens in Norway, as well as detailed information from all municipalities in Norway.

  3. Child care references 2023

    The survey on families’ childcare preferences (BTU-2023)’s goal is to map the different kind of childcare available for children ages 1 through 9.

  4. Contractual pension in the private sector (AFP) - reform alternatives

    The current private sector early retirement program (AFP) exhibits shortcomings in its eligibility criteria for benefit take-up. Specifically, workers who end their careers outside a membership firm in the private sector or whose late-life career has gaps may disqualify from AFP benefits despite being a long-term member through the earlier career.

  5. Early retirement provision for elderly displaced workers

    This paper examines the economic consequences of losing eligibility for early retirement (ER) benefits due to involuntary job displacement.

  6. Mortality by occupation. Trends after 2000

    The inequality in mortality between different occupations is well known from earlier studies, particularly amongst men.

  7. Previous occupations and industries among new recipients of disability benefit and work asessment allowance

    Work Assessment Allowance (WAA) and disability benefit are important elements in the Norwegian welfare state, as replacement of labour marked income for persons whose employment is restricted by impaired health.

  8. Alternatives to paying child benefit to the rich: means testing or higher tax?

    The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 implies that the US is effectively moving towards a general child benefit. However, the amount paid out is dependent on income, similar to schemes in several other countries.

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