11021: Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Offices 15-74 years, by education (C) 2014M11 - 2020M03
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Berit Mira Rosentjern, Statistics Norway
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Gunnar Claus, Statistics Norway
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Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Offices:
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Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Offices:
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For many immigrants SSB has no information about their level of education. For 2014 and newer years figures includes an estimated level of education for missing values for these immigrants. For more information see About the statistics at www.ssb.no/utdanning/statistikker/utniv.
The numbers of registered unemployed by education must not be mistaken with NAV's unemployment figures for education. NAV figures show self-reported highest commenced education. SSB's figures show the person's highest completed education mainly based on reports from education institutions. For more information, see About the statistics.
The tables are updated only once a year as of 2015. Statistics Month in November.
There is a break in the time series on registered unemployed from 2018, so the figures are not directly comparable with previous years. For more information about the break, see: About the statistics.
See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).
21 Svalbard
Svalbard is not defined as a county in the legal sense, but in official statistics Svalbard is treated in the same way as the other counties in Norway.
level of education
3-5 Upper secondary education
Upper secondary education includes intermediate level courses based on completed upper secondary level, but which are not accredited as tertiary education.

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