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07944: Sector and municipality for employed persons in health care and social services with health care education. 4th quarter (M) 2008 - 2019

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health care education

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Includes Health care activities, industry 86-88. From 2008 child care activities, school-age child care and recreation centers for children adolecents, work practice for ordinary employment, social welfare organisations,and permanent sheltered employment
From 2011 the category 'Psychologist' includes clinical psychologists only. Persons with other educations in psychology are now included in 'Other health care education, university level'.

As from 2015, the employment are based on new data sources (a-ordningen), see further details in «About the statistics». The figures for 2015 and onwards are not comparable with the figures for previous years. For more information, see the article linked to the 2015-figures.
SSB has adopted a new method that provides us with better information on the agreed full-time equivalent percentage (FTE) from 2015 onwards. The new method has consequences for contractual hours FTE. The method was improved before the publication in 2020, and all figures from 2015-2018 has been updated. Read more about the new method here: Ny metode gir bedre informasjon om arbeidstid
See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).
health care education
Health workers
Health worker is a new health care education from 2009.

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