Securities broking enterprises (discontinued)

04169: Security Brokers. Profit and loss account (NOK million) (closed series) 1997 - 2007
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Marte Wæge Nielsen, Statistics Norway
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Ole Petter Rygvold, Statistics Norway
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Profit and loss account:
mill. NOK
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Profit and loss account:
Statistics Norway
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Numbers as from 1999 are not comparable with earlier numbers due to a new law for accounting from 01.01.1999.
profit and loss account
Income from participations and subsidiaries
This item is equal investment income before 1999.
Interest income
Before 1999 the item included dividends from other than participations.
Interest charges
Before 1999 the item is equal to investment charges to participations.
Net other investment income/charges
Before 1999 are interest charges to other than participations and net gains and value adjustments also included in this item.

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