Reduced growth in profit
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Securities broking enterprises (discontinued)2007

The statistics has been discontinued.



Reduced growth in profit

The total profit for the Norwegian securities broking enterprises amounted to a total of NOK 4 billion in 2007, an increase of 5 per cent from the year before. This was a weaker growth than from 2005 to 2006, when the growth rate was as high as 59 per cent.

During 2007, the operating income increased by nearly 8 per cent to NOK 14.9 billon. The largest income post was, as in the previous year, income from issues and advisory activity. Income from these activities came to NOK 4.7 billion, while income from management of securities increased, and amounted to NOK 2.3 billion. Personnel costs were the largest operating expense, adding up to NOK 5.4 billion.

Assets and liabilities

The total assets for the securities broking enterprises in 2007 amounted to a total of NOK 33, 9 billion. It was the short term claims that were the largest part of the assets, with NOK 20 billion of which NOK 14, 4 billion was accounts receivables. The equity capital decreased from NOK 5.4 billion to NOK 4, 4 billion, while the short term liabilities increased from NOK 24 billion to NOK 28 billion.

These statistics only include securities broking enterprises that are separate legal entities with a license from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.


The number of enterprises increased due to new rules for securities trading from 1.10.2007, from 69 enterprises in 2006 to 105 in 2007.



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