03217: Doctor certified sickness absence for employees, by municipal of residence, industry(SIC2002) and sex (per cent) (M) (closed series) 2000K2 - 2008K4
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Sickness absence man-days:
per cent
Sickness absence:
per cent
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Sickness absence man-days:
Sickness absence:
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A new standard for industrial classification, SIC2007, were implemented from jan. 1st 2009. Figures from 2008 market 'Ny' are updated using SIC2007. Even though industry is not included in this table, the figures are influenced by the change of standard. If figures from 2007 and earlier are compared to new figures from 2008 or 2009 and forward, there will be a break in the series.

Remarks concerning sample survey about self-certified sickness absence:
1. Animal husbandry service activities (except veterinary activities), extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas, water transport, private households with employed persons and extra territorial organizations and bodies are not included.
2. The survey was mandatory fom 2nd quarter 2003.
See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).
21 Svalbard
Svalbard is not defined as a county in the legal sense, but in official statistics Svalbard is treated in the same way as the other counties in Norway.
Sickness absence man-days
The sickness absence rate shows the number of man-days lost due to sickness absence certified by a doctor as a percentage of all scheduled man-days. Both part-time/full-time work and partial/full sickness leave are taken into account. The sickness absence statistics are produced in cooperation with the National Insurance Administration (RTV).
Sickness absence
From 1st quarter 2002 the date of reference is tuesday before last wednesday in the quarter instead of the last day of the quarter. Only sickness absence certified by a doctor included. The sickness absence statistics are produced in cooperation with the National Insurance Administration (RTV).

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