01603: Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Offices, by sex. Annual average (M) (closed series) 1988 - 2014
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Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Offices:
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Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Offices:
Statistics Norway
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By distribution of registered unemployed persons by municipality level, we use municipality of residens from The Central Population Register. The figures of unemployed persons from NAV, also include persons not registered resident in Norway. These persons have no registered municipality of residence in Norway, and will not be distributed by municipality level in this table. The figures will vary somewhat throughout the year, and in November 2009 about 1600 unemployed persons, were not distributed by municipality level.

There are other tables of unemployment for persons not registered resident in Norway: tables 07282, 07220 and 07211 in the statistics by registered unemployed persons among immigrants.

In March 2010 NAV reported that 4 700 persons were incorrectly registered as 100% unemployed in February 2010. The erroneous figure was lower in previous months, but dates back to October 2008. For further reading, see NAV's website. The table was updated using corrected figures on February 7th 2011.
Since 1988, the unemployment statistics have been based on NAV's register of unemployed persons registered at the employment office. The annual average is based on the number of unemployed persons at the end of each month. Information on place of residence is taken from Statistics Norway's population statistics. Registered unemployment is not to be confused with unemployment in Statistics Norway's Labour Force Survey (LFS).
See list over changes in regional classifications (in Norwegian).

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