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  1. Manufacturing prices reached new heights Article 10 April

    In March, the producer price index rose again after a continuous fall four consecutive months. Higher prices on crude oil and natural gas contributed most to the increase in the total PPI, together with higher manufacturing prices.

  2. Continued price decrease on energy goods Article 11 March

    In February, the producer price index fell for the fourth month in a row, down 2.5 per cent, mainly due to lower prices on energy goods.

  3. A cool start for energy goods in 2024 Article 9 February

    Energy goods prices continued to fall in 2024, meaning that energy prices have decreased for the third month in a row. As a result of this the producer price index saw a price decrease equal to 3.2 per cent in January. Whereas manufacturing prices increased this month.

  4. Dampened price increase in manufacturing in 2023 Article 10 January

    Prices within manufacturing continued to rise from 2022 to 2023, but the growth was considerably lower than the preceding two years. The industries of food, mineral products and fabricated metal products all saw price increases in 2023.


  1. Third month in a row with rising manufacturing prices Article 11 December

    Prices within manufacturing rose by 0.6 per cent in November. This was the third month in as row with increasing prices. The total producer price index (PPI) however fell by 0.3 per cent in the same period.

  2. Price increase within manufacturing Article 10 November

    The producer price index (PPI) rose by 5.2 per cent in October. The rise was mainly due to higher prices on energy goods and higher prices on support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction. In addition, manufacturing also had a broad price rise in October.

  3. Energy goods pulls PPI up Article 10 October

    The prices of oil, gas, and refined petroleum products increased for the second consecutive month from August to September. Prices of energy goods increased by 9.2 per cent.

  4. Higher energy prices pulled the PPI upwards Article 11 September

    The producer prices index (PPI) rose by 4.8 percent in August due to higher prices on energy goods. The price decrease in manufacturing, which started in April, continued in August.

  5. Manufacturing prices fell for the third consecutive month Article 10 August

    The producer prices in the manufacturing sector fell by 0.6 percent from June to July. This was the third month in a row with price fall in manufacturing. At the same time, prices took a downturn in extraction of crude oil and natural gas, which further pulled the Producer Price Index (PPI) down.

  6. Small price increase in the producer price index in June Article 10 July

    The producer price index (PPI) increased by 0,3 percent from May to June. The increase mainly came from higher prices within extraction of oil and natural gas as well as from the food industry.

  7. Price drop on energy goods pulled PPI down in May Article 9 June

    Energy prices in the Producer price index (PPI) went down by 14.8 percent from April to May. The downturn resulted in the total index falling by 8.3 percent. Prices in the food industry fell by 0.2 percent.

  8. Higher oil price pulled the PPI upwards in April Article 10 May

    The Producer Price Index rose by 0.8 percent from March to April 2023. The largest contributor was crude oil, but also higher prices within food products brought the PPI up in April.

  9. Moderate price decrease in March Article 11 April

    The Producer Price Index decreased by 3.5 percent from February to March 2023, where the decreased prices for natural gas was the largest contributor to the downturn. Manufacturing had a small increase, where the food industry stood for the largest contribution.

  10. Price decreases on energy goods in February Article 10 March

    The Producer Price Index decreased by 2.9 percent in February 2023. The largest contributions to the downturn came from electricity, gas and steam as well as from natural gas. The oil price and prices on refined petroleum products contributed in the opposite direction

  11. Producer prices down in January Article 10 February

    The Producer Price Index decreased by 17.3 percent in January 2023. This is the biggest decline measured from one month to the next in the producer price index in this millennium. The largest contributions to the downturn came from electricity and natural gas.