Producer price index (archive)

Statistical releases older than 10 May 2017

Published Title Open
10 August 2018 PPI continues to rise Article
10 July 2018 Higher electricity prices Article
11 June 2018 Higher prices on oil and petroleum products Article
9 May 2018 Energy prices increased in April Article
10 April 2018 The price of oil drove the PPI up Article
9 March 2018 Crude oil down, basic metals up Article
9 February 2018 Crude oil and natural gas prices up Article
10 January 2018 PPI continues to rise Article
11 December 2017 Prices of crude oil rose in November Article
10 November 2017 Prices on natural gas pulled up the PPI Article
10 October 2017 Higher prices on energy goods Article
11 September 2017 Crude oil and petroleum products pulled up the PPI Article
10 August 2017 Natural gas prices pulled down the PPI Article
10 July 2017 Energy prices fell in June Article
9 June 2017 Upward trend in manufacturing prices Article
10 May 2017 Price drop in natural gas Article