Data for research

Obtaining external trade data


Do you need data on the export and import of services and goods or data from the currency register? Here you will find an overview of data and variables from the external trade statistics that you can obtain from Statistics Norway.

To order data on external trade, you need to complete the variable list for external trade (Excel, in Norwegian) and select the variables you want. The list must be enclosed with the application you send to Statistics Norway to obtain data. Data is delivered for whole years.

External trade in services

Data that forms the basis for the statistics on External trade in services is retrieved from a sample survey of non-financial enterprises.

Cash flows between Norway and abroad

The data behind the statistics on Cash flows between Norway and abroad is retrieved from the currency register, and includes all cross-border bank transfers where the Norwegian party is a non-financial enterprise or a private individual.

External trade in goods

The statistics on External trade in goods are mainly based on information from customs declarations, but data is also retrieved from other registers, as well as directly from respondents.

Definition and documentation of variables

In the variable list you will find links to definitions of variables and code lists for the variables that are relevant. Documentation beyond this, such as error sources and the statistical basis, can be found in the various statistics on external trade.

Data within other areas

You can also obtain various datasets with variables within other areas. Remember here to include all of the completed variable lists as an attachment to the application to obtain data.