Data for research

Obtaining data from A-ordningen


Do you need data about the population’s attachment to the labour market, such as industry, hours of work, occupation, wages or unemployment and labour market initiatives? Here you will find an overview of data and variables from a-ordningen that you can obtain from Statistics Norway.

As from 2015, Statistics Norway collects data from a-ordningen to produce statistics on employment, wages and unemployment/labour market initiatives. To order labour market and earnings data from a-ordningen, you need to complete and select the variables you want in the variable list for labour market and earnings (Excel, in Norwegian). The list must be enclosed with the application you send to Statistics Norway to obtain data.

For the data sources used in the annual statistics on employment and wages, see the relevant pages.

Data from a-ordningen

A-ordningen is a coordinated digital collection of data on employment, income and tax deductions to the Tax Administration, NAV and Statistics Norway. The arrangement entails Statistics Norway receiving data on wages and employees directly from a-ordningen, which is the electronic notification containing all data collected. An important difference from earlier is that data is available per month and that all months contain a complete description of the situation in relation to the labour market and earnings together.

As from 2015, the register-based employment statistics are based on data from a-ordningen, but are limited to the situation in November, as was also the case previously. If you need data on all jobs throughout the year, you can get this from a-ordningen. Documentation of the statistical basis for register-based employment (in Norwegian) is also relevant for data from 2015 onwards.

Wage statistics from Statistics Norway are also based on a-ordningen as of 2015. Published statistics are based on a selection of variables from a-ordningen that are adapted for statistics.

The variable list for a-ordningen also includes data on employment, wages and job seekers, for each month. This data collection also includes variables that are not revised or quality assured for use in statistics from Statistics Norway. Researchers prepare their own year files and/event histories.

Definition of documentation of variables

In the variable lists, you will find links to definitions of variables and code lists for the variables that are relevant. Documentation beyond this, such as error sources and the statistical basis, can be found in the individual statistics within the area labour market and earnings.

Data within other areas

You can also obtain various datasets with variables within other areas. Remember here to include all of the completed variable lists as an attachment to the application to obtain data.