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  1. Report on the quality of official statistics, 2022 Article 15 September

    Section 6 of the Act relating to official statistics and Statistics Norway (The Statistics Act) of 2019 states that Statistics Norway shall prepare an annual report for the Ministry of Finance on the quality of official statistics.

  2. Annual Report 2021. International development cooperation in Statistics Norway Article 14 March

    The main purpose of Statistics Norway’s international develop¬ment cooperation is to contribute to the development of strong National Statistical Systems and an increase in the production of high-quality official statistics in partner countries. We believe that in the long run, this will provide the foundation for evidence-based decision making, public transparency and good governance. According to Statistics Norway’s strategy “Official statistics are the nation’s shared factual basis. This is crucial for a well-functioning democracy, and the statistics are thus a public good that everyone should have equal access to.” We believe this holds true both for our national and international work.


  1. Annual Report 2020 Article 11 August

    The annual report includes an overview of Statistics Norway's results for 2020, in line with the requirements in the letter of allocation.

  2. User survey 2020 Article 6 May

    The aim has been to map users’ satisfaction with The results from the survey show that users are satisfied. This finding is stable and has not changed much in recent years.


  1. Strategy for Statistics Norway 2021-2023 Article 6 October

    Statistics Norway is a professionally independent institution and the central authority for the development, production and dissemination of official statistics in Norway.