This paper, which questions some established conclusions about the causes of global warming, has generated significant debate in news and social media in Norway and internationally, leading to accusations of Statistics Norway casting doubt on established climate research.

Linda Nøstbakken, Research Director at Statistics Norway, clarifies, “This paper, like our other discussion papers, reflects the views of the authors, not the official stance of Statistics Norway on global warming causes.”

Common Practice in Social Science Research

Publishing discussion papers without peer review is common in social sciences, allowing researchers to receive feedback before journal publication. Nøstbakken emphasizes, “Open debate, even on controversial findings, is crucial in research. We support our researchers' academic freedom and do not censor their approaches to tackling problems.”

This paper followed the standard review process within Statistics Norway, where other researchers provide feedback. However, methodological choices and conclusions are the responsibility of the authors.

Statistics Norway’s Dual Role: Statistics and Research

Statistics Norway’s mandate includes both statistics development and research. The recent confusion between Statistics Norway’s statistical reports and research findings highlights the need for clearer communication, as addressed by Hege Turnes, Statistics Norway's Communication Director. Statistics Norway has already taken several measures to accomplish this.