Personal tax


Income, self-employed
The survey shows the effect of the tax system on self-employed persons
Tax for personal tax payers
The statistics gives an overview of taxable income, income deductions and taxable assets, as well as taxes and tax allowances, for people with a tax obligation in Norway
Inheritance tax
The statistics has been discontinued

Analyses, articles and publications

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  1. The LOTTE system of tax microsimulation models

    Microsimulation models of the LOTTE system are key tools for tax policy-making in Norway and are extensively used in the budget process.

  2. Taxation of the rich and the cost of raising tax revenue

    Taxation of capital income and wealth designed to redistribute from the rich may harm small open economies with a globalized capital market as investments are distorted.

  3. Taxation of the rich and incentives for investments. The case of Norway

    Taxation of capital income and wealth redistributes from the rich but may harm the Norwegian economy as business investments is distorted.

  4. Public disclosure of tax information: Compliance tool or social network?

    We conduct the first-ever study of actual searches done in a public tax disclosure system, analyzing about one million searches done in 2014 and 2015 in Norway.

  5. A wealth tax at work

    Over the past decade, the question of whether and how to tax household wealth has risen to the forefront of policy debates across the world.

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