Increase in heroin deaths
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Causes of death (discontinued)1998

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Increase in heroin deaths

In the last ten-year periode deaths from opiates (e.g. heroin and morphine) have increased significantly. In 1998 opiates caused 243 deaths, mainly men. In 1989 there were 34 deaths.

The corresponding number in 1997 was 158.

 Deaths by herion and other opiates and deaths by AIDS. 1989-1998

AIDS deaths decreasing

The number of AIDS-deaths has decreased since 1993, when 69 persons died from AIDS. In 1998, 27 died from AIDS, 20 men and 7 women.

28 boys died by external cause

22149 men and 22121 women died in 1998. 95 per cent of all deaths were caused by diseases, including symptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions. The rest died by external causes.

129 children died in 1998 in the age-group 1-14 years. There were 28 boys and 12 girls who died of external causes.

19305 died from diseases of the circulatory system, 9447 men and 9858 women. Nearly half of all this deaths were caused by ischemic heart diseases, 4968 men and 3853 women. Vascular diseases caused more deaths among women (2938) than among men (2059).

In 1998 10340 deaths were caused by malignant neoplasm, or cancer. 5614 men and 4726 women died from this disease. Data on primary site show that the frequent causes of cancer death among males were lung, prostate, colon and ventriculi cancer, all together 53 per cent. Among women cancer of mammae, lung, colon, and ovarie, in all 46 per cent, are the most frequent causes of cancer deaths. Deaths of malignant neoplasm in 1998 without specific primary site contributed 6 per cent of all cancer deaths.

There were registered 3929 deaths by the respiratory system, 1820 men and 2109 woman. 9 per cent of all deaths were caused by respiratory system diseases. Influenza and pneumoni are the most frequent causes of death in the respiratory system among both sexes, 2079, while chronic diseases in lower respiratory system caused 1590 deaths.

Maternity deaths

The maternity deaths in the last ten years period totalled 28 deaths. 17 deaths were registered in the age group 15-29 years, while there were 10 in the age group 30-39. 61 per cent of the deaths were caused by complications predominantly related to the puerperium and complications of labour and delivery. In 1998 4 died of conditions caused by pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium.

Infant deaths in 1998 were 254, 153 boys and 101 girls. 5 died of external causes. Fetus and newborn affected by maternal factors and by complications of pregnancy, labour and delivery were 44 per cent, while congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities were 32 per cent of all infant deaths. In 1998 sudden infant deaths syndrome were the cause of 28 deaths, in 1997 the number were 27. 170 of all infant deaths occured during the four first weeks in life.