The index level for Norwegian manufacturing for the period June-August 2022 amounted to 118.4 (2005=100). The corresponding figure for the previous three-month period was 118.6. After two months with increase in the activity level, the manufacturing sector decreased the last month (see figure 1).

Figure 1. Production development in manufacturing. Seasonally adjusted and smoothed seasonally adjusted figures¹. 2005=100

¹ March 2020 to March 2022 are specified as outliers in the seasonal adjustment routine. Hence, this period are not included in the figure.

Monthly change: decrease within refined petroleum, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

According to In order to facilitate the interpretation of the short-term development, the index of production publishes three-month moving averages of the seasonally-adjusted figures. We normally compare the latest non-overlapping three-month periods. Seasonally-adjusted monthly changes must be interpreted with caution., manufacturing output had a decrease of 1.0 per cent from July to August 2022. The industry grouping refined petroleum, chemicals and pharmaceuticals contributed the most to overall output fall with a decrease in production of 6.3 per cent. There was also decline within the industry grouping rubber, plastic and mineral products.

Several industries were hit by strikes in August and this contributed to the decrease.

On the other hand, the overall output decrease was dampened by an increase of 2.5 per cent within production of food products.