565 000 establishments in Norway
Establishments, enterprises and accounts
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Establishments1 January 2017



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565 000 establishments in Norway

There were almost 565 000 establishments in Norway as per 1 January 2017, most of which were in the retail trade and repair of motor vehicles industry.

Number of enterprises by size
2017Change in per cent
Number of establishmentsPer cent2016 - 2017
All size groups565 054100.01.1
No one employeed369 63065.40.9
1-4 employees95 30716.94.4
5-9 employees41 0857.3-0.2
10-19 employees29 3245.2-1.0
20-49 employees20 3593.6-1.7
50-99 employees5 9161.0-4.3
100 - 249 employees2 6890.5-3.6
250 employees and more7440.1-5.3

Eight out of ten establishments had four or fewer employees. In the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries, 98 per cent of the establishments had fewer than five employees.

Establishments in the non-financial sector accounted for almost half of all the establishments. Households also had a significant number of establishments. Nine out of ten establishments were either in the household sector or in the non-financial sector.