Many small establishments
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Many small establishments

Eight out of ten establishments in Norway had four or fewer employees at the beginning of 2016. Most of the establishments were in retail trade and repair of motor vehicles.

Number of enterprises by size
2016Change in per cent
Number of establishmentsPer cent2015 - 2016
All size groups558 959100.02.1
No one employeed366 44465.68.6
1-4 employees91 27316.3-20.3
5-9 employees41 1597.41.3
10-19 employees29 6145.35.4
20-49 employees20 7123.714.1
50-99 employees6 1811.115.1
100 - 249 employees2 7900.516.3
250 employees and more7860.114.9

The highest percentage of small establishments was in real state activities, and agriculture, forestry and fishing. In these industries, 97 and 98 per cent of establishments had fewer than five employees respectively. Public administration had the least small establishments, with just 31 per cent having fewer than five employees.

There were also significant differences among the sectors. Seventy-four per cent of establishments in the public sector had five or more than five employees, and the corresponding figure in the sector for households and non-profit institutions was 12 per cent.

Most establishments in the non-financial sector

Establishments in the non-financial sector accounted for almost half of all the establishments. Households also had a significant number of establishments. Nine out of ten establishments were either in the household sector or non-financial sector.

Almost 5 per cent of the establishments belonged to public administration. In Oslo, only 2.3 per cent of establishments accounted for public administration, and the corresponding share in Finnmark was 11.6 per cent.

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A new scheme (A-scheme) was introduced for reporting wage and employment conditions to the Tax Administration, NAV and Statistics Norway in 2015. The introduction of the A-scheme has led to a break in the series.