External economy
muh, External trade in goods, import, export, balance of trade (export minus import), mainland exports, imports excluding ships and oil platforms, trade ( between countries, continents and trade regions), international product groups (for example hs, sitc and bec), product groups (for example food, crude oil and metals)External trade , External economy

External trade in goodsJune 2017



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External trade in goods1
NOK MillionChange in per centNOK Million - so far this yearChange in per cent - so far this year
June 2017May 2017 - June 2017June 2016 - June 2017June 2017June 2016 - June 2017
1The figures are marked with the symbol *. This is Statistics Norways standard symbol for indicating preliminary figures.
2Due to the data collection method, the preliminary monthly figures published for ships and oil platforms are often incomplete. In retrospect, therefore, the trade in these goods could in some cases lead to major corrections in the figures. Please see tables 1-3 for the impact these figures have on the external trade.
Exports66 250-0.89.8420 84215.9
Crude oil16 363-9.821.7112 42940.0
Natural gas11 843-9.818.191 4419.6
Natural gas condensates256-14.7-54.12 49923.3
Ships and oil platforms2545382.3-65.07 690156.5
Mainland exports37 2436.17.1206 7816.4
Fish7 4470.27.945 3109.3
Imports67 00611.924.6328 25410.3
Ships and oil platforms21 02146.1-63.57 97928.9
The trade balance-756-111.0-111.592 58841.3
The mainland trade balance-28 742-19.2-77.1-113 494-16.9