Transport and tourism
The statistics show the lorry traffic for Norwegian and foreign lorries across the Norwegian border. They also show how many tonnes of goods they are transporting.

Carriage of goods by lorryQ2 2015


Import and export by lorry on road, by nationality of the lorry1
Tonnage carried (tonnes)Import ratePer cent
2nd quarter 2014 - 2nd quarter 20152nd quarter 2010 - 2nd quarter 2015
1A large part of the timber exports that were incorrectly registered as lorry transport over a long period were moved to rail transport. New figures are updated dating back to the 1st quarter of 2013. There will therefore be a break in the statistics with previous periods.
2nd quarter 2015
All nationalities3 471 06360.63.011.4
Norway1 197 11936.3-2.3.
Sweden1 003 30077.06.210.3
Denmark194 63978.6-6.731.4
Finland122 02669.9-6.0-14.6
Poland257 40061.610.1116.4
Germany122 23275.5-0.126.7
Netherlands63 98279.7-0.729.9
The Baltic States272 91967.115.4110.0
Russian Federation12 99881.1-40.1-58.3
Others224 44872.822.094.0