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12521: Monthly earnings, by sex, decile, percentile and sector 2015 - 2020


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Decile 1 is the tenth of all persons in the statistical basis with the lowest salary, while Decile 10 includes the tenth with the highest earnings. Decile 10 is further divided into 10 groups, so-called percentiles. The division is from percentile 91 to 100, where percentile 100 is the highest paid percentage in the distribution of monthly earnings. For the 2015 figures, the reference month is September, and thus not November, which is the reference month for the years after 2015. In addition, the method for calculating working hours is different for the 2015 figures than for the years after 2015. More information about wage statistics can be found under About the statistics .



Figures are corrected 17 February 2021 for the combination of men and all sectors.