ICT usage in enterprises

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10983: Private enterprises. Electronic transmission of data with others, by employed and industry (SIC2007) (per cent) 2011 - 2012


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Field for searching for a specific value in the list box. This is examples of values you can search for.Total+K All industries, including financial activites , Total-K All industries, excluding financial activities , 10-39 Manufacturing, utility power, water, waste management and remediation activities ,

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Enterprises with at least 10 employees. See 'About the statistics' for a presentation of the industries that are covered in this statistics. From 2014 industry K, Financial and insurance activities, are not included in the population. From 2021, the industry 75 Veterinary services are included in the statistics.


Sending or receiving product information

E.g. catalogues and price lists.

Sending or receiving transport documents

E.g. consignment notes.

Sending or receiving data to/from public authorities

E.g. tax returns, statstical data, import or export declarations.