09897: Predicted monthly rents, by price zone, number of rooms and utility floor space (NOK) 2012 - 2019
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Kristian Harald Myklatun, Statistics Norway
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Ragnhild K. Nygaard, Statistics Norway
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Predicted monthly rent:
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Predicted monthly rents are based on a hedonic price regression model. Only data from the private 'not-subsidised' market is included. Electricity and/or heating costs are not included. Rents are also predicted without addition for garage space, balcony/terracce and furniture. Rents are not strictly comparable over time. The regression model adjusts for many of the factors that are important for the rent, but not all. Rents are rounded off. For 2013, the price zones of Bergen are limited to 2 zones.
price zone
The price zone 'Akershus nearby Oslo municipalities' includes the following municipalities: Ski, Nesodden, Oppegård, Bærum, Asker, Lørenskog and Skedsmo. 'Peripheral regions of Akershus' refers to the remaining municipalities of Akershus.
price zone
The classification of area is not an official classification standard.
number of rooms and utility floor space
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