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09517: Service price producer indices (2010=100) 1998K1 - 2022K1

Håvard Georg Jensen, Statistics Norway
+47 40 90 26 86
Elisabeth Mælum, Statistics Norway
+47 409 02 355
Trym Langballe, Statistics Norway
+47 409 02 406
Mats Halvorsen, Statistics Norway
+47 409 02 433
Monika Græsli Engebretsen, Statistics Norway
+47 409 02 371
Morten Madshus, Statistics Norway
+47 40 90 26 94
2022-05-24 08:00
Price index:
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Change from same period last year (per cent):
End of quarter
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Statistics Norway
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An error occurred in relation to the publication of Q2 for the SPPI on August 27 2021. The error concerns industry number 53 «Postal and courier activities» and industry number 53.1 «Postal activities under universal obligation». These were publicized in table 09517 «Service Producer Price Indices» and in table 08922 «Price index for postal and courier services». The error was limited only to Q2 and was corrected on August 31 2021.


52.24 Cargo handling

This index is temporarily stopped after 2017.

69.1 Legal activities

Price index for legal activities for Q2 2020 was corrected on 26.11.2020.

77.11 Car rental

Car rental: The series started again in Q4 2018 after being stopped since 2014.

81.2 Cleaning activities

Cleaning services: Due to a methodological review, revised indices are published in Q3 2019 from Q1 2017 to Q4 2017.