08809: External trade in goods, by commodity group (one- and two-digit SITC) and country/trade/region/continent 1988 - 2019
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If a search in the StatBank does not return any result, this does not necessarily mean that there is no trade or that the country code is not valid in the particular period. A zero (0) could also imply that the value is less than half of the unit used (tonnes).
The current SITC-Rev.4 was introduced in January 2007, thereby replacing the previous SITC-Rev.3 (1988-2006). The commodity numbers and texts are the same, with the exception of SITC 599, which was a new addition to Rev.4. However, the correlation between the years before and after 2007 may be misleading for some of the commodity numbers. The extent of this will depend on the value of the commoditiy numbers that have been moved. Correspondence tables between the two versions can be wieved at the UN website.

From 2006 on the following countries had their belonging to continent changed - Cyprus from Asia to Europe, and Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan from Europe to Asia. The total for Trade are/continent includes this change - while in the selections of countries in the pull-down menu for European/Asian countries it is the present classification that will be shown for the whole time period (Cypros belonging to Europe and the other countries to Asia).

For more information, see About the statistics
Due to confidentiality in group 56 from 2010 on, exports in this group can not be published separately. This group is therefore included in commodity group 59. For the imports of group 56 only the figures divided by country is suppressed. For the imports also group 27 is included in commodity group 29. Visualized by a colon (:) in the Statbank.
Croatia is included in the trade with the EU from 2014 on.
Palestine (2013-)
Previously: West Bank/Gaza Stripe (2001-2012)

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