Employed short-term immigrants

08081: Wage earners not registered as resident, by county of work and country background. Yearly figures (C) (closed series) 2007 - 2014
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Wage earners not registered as resident:
Statistics Norway
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Self employed persons are not included.
As from 2006 the age limit was lowered from 16 to 15 years. The definition of age was changed in 2008 from completed years at the end of the year to completed years at the time of the reference week.
4 new countries includet from fourth quarter 2007: Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.
Country of Birth Asia: Including Tyrkey.
Fra og med 2010 ble sjøfolk tildelt arbedsstedskommune 2699 (Havområder uspesifisert) og arbeidsstedsfylke 26 (Havområder). Det er laget nye tall for 2007 til 2009 etter samme definisjon.
The statistics cover persons aged 15-74 years. The total employment figure for the fourth quarter of 2015 is 60 000 lower than in the Labour Force Survey (LFS). The total figure in these two statistics was coordinated in previous years, thus showing the same number of employees.
Self employed persons are not included.

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