Labour force survey, seasonally-adjusted figures

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07458: Employment and unemployment, break and seasonally adjusted, by age. Resident population 1997K1 - 2021K3


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These figures are the quarterly averages of seasonally adjusted monthly figures, and correspond to figures of 3-months moving average in StatBank table 08930 and 08931 for the middle month of the quarter. Before 2006 the target population was persons aged 16-74 with permanent residence in Norway. The seasonal-adjustment during the corona crisis is done in a way that the numbers from the crisis (from March 2020) is not included in the basis for the seasonal pattern. Read more about this under About the statistics. The break adjustments are based on preliminary break estimates. Man-weeks worked is not break adjusted due to problems inseparating the possible effect of the corona crisis from the effect of the restructuring of the LFS.