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04894: Gross Investments, by category and industry subclass (SIC2002). Enterprises (closed series) 2002 - 2008


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The figures are exclusive of 70.201 House cooperative and 74.150 Management activities of holding companies.
Industry 72, Computer-related activities, is from 2002 published at Computer-related activities - structural statistics
VAT is not included.


Gross Investments, total (mill. NOK)

Acquisitions of fixed assets (including improvements). Sales of used capital stock are deducted.

Acquisitions (including improvements) (mill. NOK)

Acquisitions of fixed assets, improvements are included.

Sales (mill. NOK)

Sale of business assets (Sale of business sites are not included). VAT is not included

Acquisitions through financial leasing (mill. NOK)

Included in the figure for acquisitions of fixed assets.

New investments in building sites (mill. NOK)

Not included in the figure for acquisitions of fixed assets.