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04848: Cultural activities. Principal figures, by industry subclass (SIC2002). Local kind-of-activity units (closed series) 2002 - 2008


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Transfers of enterprises have led to figures for News agencies activities for 2007 that are not directly comparable to previous years. Figures for 2007 are not directly comparable to subsequent years, especially for lower subdivisions.



Include owners and employees. From 2004 employment are collected from the Register of Employees and Employers (Aa-Register). The figures are not comparable with previous years.

Turnover (mill. NOK)

Exclusive of VAT.

Value-added (mill. NOK)

At factor cost.

Personell costs (mill. NOK)

Wages, salaries and social security conts.

Gross investments (mill. NOK)

Acquisitions of fixed assets, improvements are added while sales are deducted.

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