Production of potatoes and forage plants

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04158: Yield of agriculture, by crop (closed series) 1999 - 2002


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Before 2000 figures refer to holdings with at least 5 decares agricultural area in use. As from 2000 figures for potatoes and fodder crops comprise holdings which applied for governmental production subsidies.

contents: Yield (tonnes) , year: 2002

Yield of grain and oil seeds are estimated by The Norwegian Agricultural Purchasing and Marketing Co-operation, per 25 February 2002.

contents: Yield (tonnes) , crop: Grain

Yield of grain is converted to yield with 15 per cent water, and oil seeds is converted to yield with 8 per cent water.

contents: Yield (tonnes) , crop: Hay

Comprise total yield from meadows from mowing converted through energy into hay.