03983: Domestic goods transport, by mode of transport (closed series) 1965 - 2014
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Including only goods which are loaded as well as unloaded in Norway. The weight of the cars is included. Other regular service and for hire or reward and on own account are added together as from 2000. The figures for water transport are preliminary for 2014 (see «open and read» at the bottom of the article about the figures).
transport of goods
For hire or reward and on own account
The tonne-kilometre figures for sea transport for hire or reward and own account for the years 2010-2017 were revised on 24 September 2019 in accordance with changes in the calculation model for distances travelled in domestic shipping.
Railway transport
The tonne-kilometre figures for rail transport in 2016-2017 were adjusted on 24 September 2019 due to changes in the underlying statistics.
CargoNet AS
CargoNet AS from 2002, previously Norwegian State Railways

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