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03779: Population, by main activity, part-time employment and age (1 000 persons) 1989 - 2020


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There was a change in the LFS from January 2006, where the age limit was lowered from 16 to 15 years. In order to compare the figures for 2006 with the previous years, figures for 2006 have also been published based on the old method. The term employed here includes full-time employed persons, as well as part-time workers who consider the employment as their main activity.
Part-time = 1-36 hours, with exception of persons with 32-36 working hours who classify themselves as full-time employed. Full-time = 37 hours and over and the cases mentioned above.
From 2018, a new estimation method has been applied, the figures have been revised back to 2006. For more information, see separate article .