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03541: Tax return account for limited companies (closed series) 2001 - 2006

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As of 2004 the figures are not fully comparable with the previous years because of the introduction of tax exemption for incomes from shares
Net entreprenurial income (mill. NOK)
Incl. entrepreneurial income from agriculture, forestry, fishing and other industries, and net entrepreneurial income from real estate renting. The greater part of the amount are other entrepreneurial income.
Capital income (mill. NOK)
Incl. interest received, insurance received, share dividend from companies.
Received intra-group contribution (mill. NOK)
Shareholder contribution was included until 2004.
Paid intra-group contribution (mill. NOK)
Shareholder contribution was included until 2004.
contents: Assessable incomes (mill. NOK) , industry: Other industries
Agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacture of gas and distribution of gaseous fuels through mains, steam and hot water supply, holding corporations etc. and companies with unreported industries.

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