Official statistics are the nation's common factual basis and are essential for a living democracy. The statistics aim to reflect society and show trends for the population, living conditions, the economy, the environment and employment. Individuals, businesses, the authorities, the media, educational institutions and researchers alike can all enjoy and benefit from Norwegian official statistics.

Professionally autonomous organisation

Statistics Norway reports to the Ministry of Finance and is subject to the provisions of the Statistics Act. However, Statistics Norway is a professionally autonomous organisation, which means it can determine what it publishes, as well as how and when the publishing takes place.

Large in-house research environment

Statistics Norway is one of the few statistical agencies in the world that has its own research department. Its research environment is one of the largest in Norway and consists of about 100 research workers. The department develops statistical methods and uses the statistics in its analysis and research work.

International cooperation

Statistics Norway participates actively in the international statistical cooperation. The cooperation takes place through the increasingly extensive EEA cooperation and through international organisations such as the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), UN (United Nations), IMF (International Monetary Fund), ILO (International Labour Organization) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Statistics Norway also offers statistical advice to countries with insufficient statistical systems. The goal is to develop and improve official statistics in these countries.

High quality and strict privacy protection requirements

Statistics Norway endeavours to produce and disseminate statistics and analyses of a high quality. All statistics from Statistics Norway should be relevant, current, accurate and accessible. All statistics are subject to strict privacy protection requirements.