Working in Statistics Norway

  • You will undertake work that is important to society
  • You will have professionally challenging tasks
  • You will have good opportunities to develop
  • You will participate in collaborations and project work
  • Is based on important values

Socially significant

Statistics Norway’s research and statistics are constantly being referenced in the national and local media, and are often used as a factual basis for public debates and political decisions. As an employee of Statistics Norway, you will contribute to this.

Statistics Norway produces statistics on the population and living conditions, resources and the environment, the economy and national accounts, and on the activities of local authorities, county authorities and central government.

Did you know, for instance:

  • That debates on the implications of the growth in the number of elderly people and young people are often based on Statistics Norway’s population statistics and population projections?
  • That the statisticians working on environmental statistics in Statistics Norway play a role in enabling the authorities to monitor whether Norway is meeting its climate targets?
  • That Statistics Norway produces the consumer price index (CPI) used by Norges Bank when setting interest rates?

Skills development in the day-to-day work

Statistics Norway is a highly specialised organisation where employees are challenged professionally. Together with experienced and competent colleagues, you will have responsible work tasks. Skills are mainly developed in Statistics Norway in the everyday work. All new employees take part in an induction course, and we offer a wide range of courses and development programmes.

Interdisciplinary cooperation and project work

In Statistics Norway, we cooperate across the different divisions, and communicate with users and respondents, as well as statistical agencies in other countries. Project work is a key part of our daily work, and many of our employees participate in meetings, courses and conferences both in Norway and further afield.

Confidential data processing

Strict legal and ethical requirements are in place in Statistics Norway with regard to the production of statistics. This means that employees must act in a way that ensures society maintains confidence in the statistics and analyses, and that the rules for the confidential processing of data are adhered to.


All employees have a responsibility to live up to Statistics Norway’s fundamental values, thereby helping to ensure that Statistics Norway achieves its goals for the activity. Statistics Norway’s values are:


  • Take the initiative and produce results
  • Contribute to a good working and learning environment
  • Market Statistics Norway in a positive manner both internally and externally


  • Show understanding for the views and attitudes of others
  • Respect and appreciate everyone, regardless of their background and social standing


  • Share knowledge with colleagues
  • Assist colleagues when they need help
  • Stand united on results


  • Contribute to the free exchange of ideas
  • Give clear and constructive feedback
  • Provide relevant information


  • Encourage points of view before decisions are made
  • Actively support decisions that are made
  • Live up to Statistics Norway’s values