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Joint parish councils, accounts2019



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National figures for joint parish councils12
NOK millionChange i percentage from the previous year
2017201820192018 - 2019
11Figures are estimated for the Joint Parish Councils that have not submitted their annual reports.
22. Figures for the municipalities that are responsible for managing their own cemeteries are not included in this table. The figures for the following municipalities can be found in the municipality accounts (KOSTRA) ; Bø i Vesterålen, Froland, Gjesdal, Modum, Vennesla, Nesodden, Sola, Sandefjord, Skedsmo, Sandnes, Bæreum and Oslo.
Grants from municipality2 8752 9633 0302.3
Grants from the state/state institutions4012702949.2
Reimbursement from The Church of Norway013215516.8
Payroll expenses and sosial security funds2 7262 8112 9073.4
Purchase of goods and services1 2001 2371 3176.4
Investment in capital assets8427427531.4
Use of loans1235546-15.3
Transferred from operational accounts25182328.5