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Property tax2019



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StatBank table 12503 has been replaced by table 12843 by March 16th 2020.

Property tax in the municipalities
20182019Per cent
2017 - 20182018 - 2019
1Break in timeseries between 2018 and 2019 due to change i definition of the category 'Mills and factories'.
2Figures for property tax accounts are published the year after the other figures concerning property tax.
Municipalities with property tax3703710.80.3
Municipalities with property tax on mills and factories16163-9.03.3
Municipalities with property tax on both mills and factories and areas built in1640.0-33.3
Municipalities with property tax in the municipalities as a whole2612602.8-0.4
Property tax, total (NOK 1 000)214 205 421..4.4..
Property tax from commercial property (NOK 1 000)26 759 336..3.3..
Property tax from residential homes and holiday properties (NOK 1 000)27 446 085..5.4..
Property tax as a percentage of gross operating income23.1..3.3..