Methods and documentation for National accounts and business cycles

Articles, analysis, and publications


  1. The SNOW Model for Norway Document 29 February

    In this document, we provide a description of the SNOW model for Norway (SNOW-NO), a multi-sector computable general equilibrium (CGE) model tailored to analyze energy, environmental and climate policies in Norway.

  2. Documentation of ModelSolver Document 22 February

    This paper documents the Python class ModelSolver. ModelSolver lets the user define a model object in terms of equations and endogenous variables.


  1. Testing the split of economic ownership for petroleum resources in Norway Document 30 May

    Based on the Norwegian experiences, a long-term average pattern is identified as regards the distribution of resource rent due to petroleum activities, which can be used to split the economic ownership of oil and gas between the government and the oil and gas sector in Norway.

  2. What can we do with the quality-adjusted labor input data? Document 26 May

    This document, by using examples, aims to demonstrate how the quality-adjusted labor input data can be applied for economic analysis in general, and for growth accounting in particular.

  3. Norwegian National Accounts - GNI Inventory for ESA 2010 Document 28 March

    This document provides a comprehensive documentation of data sources and methods for calculating the central variables gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national income (GNI) in the Norwegian national accounts.

  4. Updating the recording of the central bank output in the Norwegian National Accounts Document 17 March

    This document presents a description of updating the treatment of the Norwegian central bank output in both the Supply and Use tables (SUTs) and the institutional sector accounts, more in line with the international standards in this regard.

  5. On the measurement of nonmarket hospital services in the Norwegian National Accounts Document 17 March

    Somatic services rendered by central government-owned hospitals account for a significant part of nonmarket activities in Norway. The output volume of these services has been currently measured by the summed DRG (diagnosis related groups) points in the Norwegian national accounts.


  1. Quarterly National Accounts Document 20 August

    Statistics Norway started publishing the Monthly National Accounts on 11 September 2018, and this changed the way the Norwegian Quarterly National Accounts (QNA) were compiled.