Increase in production of poultry and pork
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Meat production2006



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Increase in production of poultry and pork

292 400 tonnes of meat from domestic animal production were approved for the market in 2006, an increase of 9 000 tonnes from 2005.

Changes in meat butchered. 2005-2006.Per cent

Poultry butchered. 2001-2006. Tonnes

Pork accounted for 40 per cent of the total meat production in 2006, while beef and poultry accounted for 30 and 21 per cent respectively. Compared with 2005, the quantities of pork, beef and poultry increased, while the quantity of mutton decreased.

The production of meat from poultry was 62 500 tonnes in 2006. Chicken accounted for 85 per cent and turkey 11 per cent. The production of chicken increased by 12 per cent from the year before. Since 2001, the production of chicken has increased by nearly 50 per cent.

Approved carcasses, by county. 2006. Tonnes

As usual, Rogaland county approved most meat and accounted for 21 per cent of the total production of meat in Norway last year.