Small changes in production of meat
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Meat production2002



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Small changes in production of meat

261 000 tonnes of meat from domestic animals were approved for human consumption in 2002, a decrease of 500 tonnes from the year before.

Changes in meat butchered. 2001-2002. Per cent

Of the total production of meat in 2002 pork accounted for 40 per cent, beef 33 per cent, poultry 18 per cent and mutton 10 per cent. Compared with 2001, the quantities of poultry and mutton increased, while the quantity of pork declined.

The production of meat from poultry was 45 900 tonnes in 2002. Of this production, chicken accounted for 82 per cent and turkey 11 per cent. The production of chicken increased by 10 per cent from the year before. During the last 5 years the production of chicken has increased by 44 per cent.

Most sheep are slaughtered in the autumn. In 2002 about 90 per cent of all mutton was produced in the 3r d and 4t h quarter. It was also produced more pork in the 2n d half year than in the 1s t half year 2002.