More roe deer killed by traffic
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Non-harvest mortality of cervids2012/2013



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More roe deer killed by traffic

In the 2012/2013 hunting year, more than 4 000 roe deer were killed by traffic. This is 650 more than in the previous year. The number of moose killed by traffic increased by 60, while the corresponding figure for red deer fell by 60.

Registered non-harvest mortality of cervids.
NumberPer cent
2012-20132011-2012 - 2012-20132008-2009 - 2012-2013
Total9 1249.02.8
Animals killed by vehicle1 11810.8-22.0
Animals killed by train606-8.0-35.5
Animals killed by other causes1 265-2.5-0.8
Red deer
Animals killed by vehicle644-6.4-14.1
Animals killed by train40-24.5-31.0
Animals killed by other causes476-20.9-1.0
Wild reindeer
Animals killed by vehicle2-50.0-66.7
Animals killed by train0..
Animals killed by other causes51112.582.1
Roe deer
Animals killed by vehicle3 85517.9-5.6
Animals killed by train14882.7-31.2
Animals killed by other causes91935.34.0
Figure 1. Roe deer, moose  and red deer killed by motor vehicle or train. 1990/91-2012/13

Registered mortality of cervids apart from regular hunting totalled 9 100. This is a 9 per cent increase, or almost 800 animals more, compared to the previous hunting year. In total, 5 600 cervids were killed by car and 800 by train.

Roe deer accidents most common

Roe deer are particularly vulnerable, and more than 4 000 roe deer were killed by traffic; 148 by train and 3 900 by car. A total of 1 700 moose were killed by traffic; 600 by train and 1 100 by car.

Killed by other reasons

The category “Killed by other reasons” includes animals that have perished, have been killed by predators or for humane reasons etc. In the 2012/2013 hunting year, the number of moose killed under this category was 1 179. The corresponding figure for roe deer and red deer was 852 and 422 respectively.