Small production of fruit in 2005
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Small production of fruit in 2005

The Norwegian production of fruit in 2005 was among the smallest ever recorded. Production of vegetables and garden berries was close to normal.

Production of garden berries, fruit and vegetables. 1996-2005. Tonnes

Total production of fruit in Norway is estimated to 13 700 tonnes in 2005, which is well below the average of 16 500 tonnes for the last ten years. Many holdings faced a difficult year, especially due to frost damage during the blooming. Total production of garden berries is estimated to about 12 000 tonnes. In comparison, the production in the last ten-year period has varied between 9 700 and 14 000 tonnes.

In some regions heavy rain caused problems for the harvest of field-grown vegetables. Despite the problems the total production of field-grown and greenhouse vegetables was quite normal. The total production of vegetables is estimated to 177 500 tonnes, which is about the same as in 2004.