Livestock husbandry

Updated: 18 May 2022

Next update: 11 May 2023

Change in number of beef cows
Change in number of beef cows
2021 - 2022

About the statistics

The statistics gives information about holdings with livestock and number of livestock.

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Name: Livestock husbandry

Topic: Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing

11 May 2023

Division for Housing, Property, Spatial and Agricultural Statistics

County, municipality


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Primary data is stored at Statistics Norway.

The purpose is to chart the extent of livestock keeping at the municipal level. Information from this register has been used since 1984.

The statistics is used by the Norwegian Institute for Land Inventory (NIJOS), Norwegian Agricultural Economic Research Institute (NILF), public enterprises at the municipal and county level, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, in research and by agricultural organizations.

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Statistics Act § 10-1.

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The population covers everyone who applies for agricultural production subsidies as of 1 March. Those who do not have the right to production subsidies or do not apply for other reasons are not covered by the statistics.

The administrative record of everyone who applies for an agricultural production subsidy from the Norwegian Agricultural Authority is the compilation basis of the statistics. The register contains information on number of livestock on holdings.

Only one production subsidy is given per holding. A holding is an agricultural enterprise including livestock keeping. The holding includes everything operated as a unit.

Five per cent of the applications are also selected for special control. The control shall cover all reports submitted by the applicant on physical censuses of animals and measuring of areas. A number of machine controls of the material are also carried out. Statistics Norway also runs some machine controls upon receipt of the data material.

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Figures are not presented if there is a risk of identifying any unit.

Since 1984 the statistics on area use and livestock keeping are based on applications for production subsidies.

The Agricultural Authority in the municipality shall ensure that the applications are in compliance with production subsidy regulations.

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