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Income and wealth statistics for households2017



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Income after tax for households by type of household, Median1
After tax median incomePercentage change2
20172016 - 20172012 - 2017
1Students not included
2In constant prices
All households510 0000.71.7
Singles under 45 years293 1000.72.2
Singles 45-64 years329 5000.81.7
Singles 65 years and older266 3001.13.7
Couples without children, oldest person under 45 years604 8001.2-3.0
Couples without children, oldest person 45-64 years764 5001.24.8
Couples without children, oldest person 65 years and older574 0001.34.7
Couples with children 0-6 years762 8000.70.1
Couples with children 7-17 years889 4001.02.8
Couples with children, oldest child 18 years and older993 7001.34.7
Single mother/father with children 0-17 years410 1000.2-1.4
Single mother/father with children 18 years and older549 1001.32.6